Health is Wealth

Health is Wealth


The relationship of one’s religion and healthful living traces back to the Levitical Laws on health and hygiene given to the ancient Israelites while in the wilderness of their Exodus experience.  The purpose certainly included the hygiene principles necessary to prevent and combat communicable diseases made possible by such gathering of people who lived and traveled together in the desert environment.  Issues of sanitation were addressed.  Principles of healthful living were emphasized in order to keep the desert travelers robust in body, mind, and soul. Later, fasting appears as a ready remedy for those who sought special powers or healing, for those seeking discernments, or signs of repentance.

Later the New Testament drew attention to matters of temperance or self control,  here again emphasizing the importance of making decisions that would give the believer an advantage in the development of his body, mind, and soul.  The believer who practiced self control would have more discernment, be able to endure hardships, and be in better position to bring under control totally, the body, mind and soul.

Such teachings had been lost over the centuries.  By the 19th century mankind came to a new understanding of the relationship of health and hygiene and the overall health of the population.  The second half of the 19th century saw dramatic increases in the awareness of sanitation and cleanliness, how foods affected health, the uses of water, air, and exercise, in the prevention and treatment of disease.  Various hydrotherapies were introduced.   The consumption of health foods e.g. graham crackers, the introduction of dry cereals, and proper uses of fruits and vegetables were highlighted.  For mental and emotional health, sanitariums came into being which addressed the aforementioned health principles and added the care of gardens and of working outdoors, in an attempt to combat the increase of stress and nervous disorders found in an ever increasing industrial society.

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